Castleton Residential

Follow these links for our eagerly awaited Castleton photos!

We had so many photos of our amazing adventures, I’ve had to make FIVE albums!


Homeward Bound!

We’ve had a brilliant time over the last two days! Now we’re excited to get home and tell you all about our adventures. See you soon!

Castleton update!

Good morning!

Unfortunatley, the internet reception has been poor during our stay, this is the first time we’ve had it for long enough to post a proper blog post!

Yesterday all the children had a fantastic time hunting for hidden words, taking part in a Roman battle and learning to shoot a now and arrow! We have lots of pictures to show you upon our return.

Were all ready and raring to go this morning after a good sleep last night.

We will try to post again before we leave, as long as we can access the internet again.

See you all later :).

Castleton trip update

Poor mobile reception is making it difficult for the staff to blog directly from Castleton, however, i can confirm that everyone was fed and watered yesterday evening and they all enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

They have had breakfast this morning and are raring to go today!


Last week was the anniversary of the D-Day landings.  How do you think those soldiers felt?  What was it like at the D-Day landings?

Our Food Revolution!

Today we made Rainbow Wraps with Jamie Oliver. What do you think of our wraps?

image image image

Best educational blog

Class 4A’s blog been chosen as one of the UK’s 100 best education blogs. They are thrilled to be nominated, but now we want to go one better and claim the overall prize. To help them, please can you email stating as your favourite blog.

You can see the full list and a link to the email address by clicking on the picture below.

100 best blogs

Exploring Skara Brae

This week we have been looking at the Stone Age settlement of Skara Brae. What was the most interesting thing you saw at Skara Brae? Is it anything like your home?

Blogging boom!

We have lots of contenders for ‘Blogger of the Week’ this week! I wonder who will be the winner…?

Pizza Perfection

Today, Year 3 went on a second trip to Kingsway Park and created pizzas! They were delicious and such fun to make!